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About Us - The Team

According to, the definition of teamwork is “the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal”. It basically summarizes our aim at the Multi Disciplinary Center: specialists working interactively, directly or indirectly, to reach the patient’s best.

  • Yasmine Darwish Shamseddine

    Yasmine Darwish Shamseddine, I majored in Speech and Language Therapy from the Saint Joseph University in 2003. Since then, I have opened my own practice, and been working in a scholastic establishment along with learners showing learning and/or language difficulties.

    After seeing the importance of having a team working, directly or not, with patients, I became a member of the Multi Disciplinary Center_MDC.

  • Solange El-Heybe

    Solange El-Heybe majored in Clinical Psychology and trained on several Art Techniques and Creativity Concepts: specialized in dealing with unprivileged communities; accompanying beneficiaries in crisis; psychosocial screening during emergencies; counseling and mediating between parents and children during critical situations, establishing, developing and maintaining constructive interpersonal relationships. Solange is dedicated to use expressive arts as a tool to improve mental health and well-being, she moderates applied art therapy with various populations: juvenile delinquency, juvenile inmates in Lebanese prisons, Palestinian camps, psychiatric patients in mental health hospitals, displaced children, refugees, members of different NGOs, and others.

  • May Kodeih Shehade

    May Kodeih Shehade, graduated from Saint Joseph University in the domain of special education. I am currently a special educator in an inclusive school and member at the Multi Disciplinary Center ( MDC).

  • Carine CHABU

    Carine CHABU, graduated from Saint Joseph University of Beirut in 2008 with a psychomotor therapy degree and got my masters degree in July 2012. It is my 5th year as a psychomotor therapist in an inclusive school along with learners showing difficulties. I am also a member of the executive committee of ADIP- Associations des Diplômés de l’Institut de Psychomotricité- as well as a member at the Multi Disciplinary Center_MDC.